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Child Aid Papua mainly works in remote places of West-Papua.


This song was made by our students at the education center in Sawinggrai village. The song has parts in three languages: their own tribe language, bahasa indonesia and english.


Our student's love to sing and make their own songs. Just have a look and enjoy this nice video.

Raja Ampat

The eyes of many divers will sparkle with excitement when they hear the name Raja Ampat. Because Raja Ampat is the region with the highest marine biodiversity on our planet. The region’s approximately 40,000 inhabitants live in small tribes distributed across a large number of islands. Most of the islands are uninhabited. Despite the arrival of tourism in Raja Ampat, the people here still live very simple lives and place a strong emphasis on their cultural values. It is truly one of the world’s last paradises, which is now under considerable threat. Plastic waste and destroyed coral reefs have been making life difficult for the islanders in recent years. Many of the small islands are barely one meter above sea level.

Local children practice one of their traditional dance
Local children practice one of their traditional dance


Yayasan Cahaya Anak Papua

Jalan Yos Surdaso, Sapordanco, Waisai, Raja Ampat, West-Papua, Indonesia



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