Ocean Warrior

The children playfully learn, why plastic pollution is a problem and what they can do about it

In our 'Ocean Warrior' project, our students learn first and foremost why plastic waste is a big problem for nature as well as their own future. We go with the local children to remote beaches on deserted islands. Although there is no village far and wide, the children see the big amounts of plastic waste washed up by the sea and spread all over the beach. 


In this project we work with the book 'Ocean Warrior', created by our friend 'Friendly Drifter'. It tells the story of children who find on remote beaches a lot of waste and see how animals suffer from it. Exactly what is happening in Raja Ampat. After the story-telling, we discuss the book together and after that it will not take any more words and the kids start running and tidying up the beach.


Through our 'Ocean Warrior' project, hundreds of children throughout Raja Ampat learn why plastic pollution is a problem for humans and nature and what they can do about it. Furthermore, we clean-up beaches and fill on average 5-8 large bags of garbage within a few minutes at every beach.


We are convinced that a rethinking of plastic waste needs to start with the children in order to achieve something sustainable.


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