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We strongly believe that every child has a right to get a good platform of education and thus perspectives in life. We also see education as the key to sustainable environmental protection. Therefore, in all projects we mainly work with children and adolescents of Raja Ampat. In our daily missions, we offer children a platform where they can quench their thirst for knowledge and broaden their horizons. We enable education, where there are hardly any prospects. Playfully and with a lot of fun, they should learn what environmental challenges are and how they can manage them successfully

Education Center

Our learning center in the middle of Raja Ampat allows children and young people to attend regular classes and therefore increase their level of education. Furthermore we raise awareness and realize marine conservation projects. Around 20 to 30 children are motivated to learn daily in the pile-built learning center in the village of Sawinggrai.


Creative Classes

In regularly organized classes in other remote locations in Raja Ampat, we offer children and young people a better platform for education and great opportunities for their future. In addition to english, we mainly focus on environmental issues. In a playful and interactive way, our children learn to appreciate and love their environment in order to be able to protect it.


Conservation Week

Raja Ampat is undoubtedly one of our planet’s largest natural paradises – and that is what it should remain. We use education to establish the idea of environmental protection among the children of Raja Ampat. This project will raise awareness for the importance of environmental and marine protection in Raja Ampat among more than 2,000 children and adolescents.

Ocean Warrior

The plastic waste is probably the biggest challenge in Raja Ampat at the moment. On the most remote islands you will find tons of washed-up plastic waste. With various projects we show the children the direct impact from humans on nature. The children learn why plastic is a big problem and what they can do about it.




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