Our Supporters

We would like to acknowledge and sincerely thank following charities and company's for supporting our work in order to achieve our missions in Education, Conservation and Healh-Care services.

Without our main supporter and partner, Child Aid Papua Foundation in Switzerland, it would not be possible to realize any of our projects. Child Aid Papua Foundation in Switzerland is our main source to get financial support for our daily work in all our projects.



Wisata Papua Indah not only provides the best possible experience in Raja Ampat, but also donates a part of its profit to our Foundation.


Whether you are getting ready to explore Raja Ampat's wilderness or are preparing for exotic island hopping, Wisata Papua Indah will help you creat unforgettable memories of asonishing places.


Unicef is one of the biggest and best known NGO working on childrens needs allover the world. Unicef Indonesia is supporting Child Aid Papua with donating important books to increase the level of literacy for our education center and our creative classes around Raja Ampat.


Our Partners

We from Child Aid Papua work collaboratively with our partners and stakeholders, with our common goal in education, conservation or health-care.  We belief, that only with a strength collaboration ship we are able to achieve our goals and we are happy to help out with our experience whenever and where ever we can.

Birds Head Seascape is a resource rich website dedicated to sustainable tourism within the BHS region. Visitors can find up to date details about the region and its people, as well as the exciting scientific research happening throughout the BHS, and posts from conservationists working to discover and conserve the BHS’s treasure trove of biodiversity. The founders of this site have spent more than a decade exploring the most remote underwater regions of the BHS, and are passionate advocates for sustainable tourism and development in the region.


Raja Ampat SEA Centre a conservation initiative established by Papua Explorers Resort.  Based at the resort, Sea Centre is dedicated to conserving Raja Ampat's marine life through Science, Education & Awareness. Working with collaborating scientists and local community members, SEA Centre serves as a platform to conduct valuable scientific research into the marine ecology and environment in the www.seacentre.org/

For 12 years, Conservation International (CI) has been working in the Raja Ampat region; implementing one of the world's most ambitious community-based conservation programs, and putting in place 12 marine protected areas (MPAs) covering more than 3.6 million hectares (8.89 million acres) of Raja Ampat. These MPAs employ local people to survey and protect coasts, reefs and fish, empowering communities to protect and sustainably manage their resources and their livelihoods.


In all our missions we work together with the government of Raja Ampat. It does mainly involve the education department of the region. To maintain a good relationship with the government this a key to achieve our goals.



Yayasan Cahaya Anak Papua

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