Child Aid Papua Foundation

Our Vision

Every child has access to education and perspectives in life. It can grow up in a healthy and safe environment and is able to understand, learn and change the world around itself. The children and adolescents are able and motivated to protect their incredibly rich and breathtaking nature.

Our Principles

  • We understand education as a platform to satisfy the thirst for knowledge and to show the consequences of their own actions
  • We daily work on a grass-roots basis, which gives us a deep understanding of the childrens needs and challenges here in West Papua
  • We maintain lean structures, ensuring that all the money reaches where it is most needed
  • We pass on our knowledge to the locals, in order to ensure the sustainability of our project work

Who we are

Child Aid Papua is a non-profit, public benefit organization and was founded under the name 'Yayasan Cahaya Anak Papua' in May 2018 in the province of West-Papua, Indonesia. The charity is systematically pursuing its vision and making an important contribution in the area by increasing the level of education, helping out with healthcare as well as raise awareness regarding important environmental issues for the local communities in Raja Ampat


The charity Child Aid Papua strives for following missions in its daily work by: 

  •  Providing unique perspectives for children and young people through education and coaching
  •  Sensitize local children and adolescents to important environmental issues
  • Implement environmental protection projects with the locals of Raja Ampat
  • Develop and implement health programs that have a positive impact on the quality of life of children and adolescents


Maya Puspa Dewi

Maya is founder and Director of the NGO Child Aid Papua. Already in 2015 she moved from Bandung to Raja Ampat, in order to teach and raise awareness in this remote region. Her experience to work with children in Raja Ampat as well as previous positions in community work within other NGOs gives her the perfect profile in her daily work.

Jonas Müller

Jonas is Co-founder and deputy Director of the NGO Child Aid Papua. He is already living and teaching in Raja Ampat since 2015 and started the education center by his own initiative. He speaks fluently Indonesian and understands the daily needs and challenges of the local children. He was born 1990 in Switzerland.


Yayasan Cahaya Anak Papua

Jalan Yos Surdaso, Sapordanco, Waisai, Raja Ampat, West-Papua, Indonesia

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